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​How Often Is Septic Tank Pumping Recommended? Dan's Sewer Explains September 15, 2015

Bloomingburg, Sullivan
​How Often Is Septic Tank Pumping Recommended? Dan's Sewer Explains, Bloomingburg, New York

If you’re a homeowner or business using a septic system, there’s one essential item to add to your maintenance checklist: that’s septic tank pumping. The good news? This isn’t necessarily needed once per year as is the case with other home systems like the roofing or plumbing. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, as well as Dan’s Sewer in Bloomingburg, NY, the frequency of pumping depends on:

  • The Size Of Your Household: A family of four would need less frequent septic services compared to a family of six.
  • The Size Of Your Septic Tank: Similarly, the size of your system will determine how frequently it needs septic tank maintenance.
  • The Volume Of Wastewater Used: Do you believe your family uses water liberally or conservatively? Based on your answer, this too will define your schedule for septic services. Consider your garbage disposal use for instance. The take-home message is basically that the less wastewater and solids outputted, the less you’ll need septic tank pumping services.

What’s The Average Schedule?

The rule of thumb is that the tank should be pumped once every three to five years, according to Dan’s Sewer. Most importantly, you should always hire an expert to conduct any form of cesspool services in order to protect the health and safety of your home and neighbors. This is because the septic system contains several hazards including toxic fumes as well as bacteria which could lead to sickness and fatalities.

To schedule a septic tank pumping or maintenance appointment with Dan’s Sewer, call (845) 733-4040. For more information about septic system repair and rootering services, be sure to check out their website