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4 Kitchen Cabinets to Complement Your Home September 16, 2019

Goshen, Orange
4 Kitchen Cabinets to Complement Your Home, Goshen, New York

Choosing kitchen cabinets can be a complex decision. They’re one of the most impactful visual elements of your kitchen design. Their color, material, and style will shape the look and feel of your space. You’ll likely have them for a long time, making them a considerable but worthwhile investment. If you’re remodeling your kitchen and looking at options, here are some popular kitchen cabinet finishes.

4 Popular Options for Kitchen Cabinets

1. Thermofoil

Thermofoil is a material that has a similar look to wood but is a more affordable option. It also tends to be durable and is not easily damaged. Thermofoil comes in lighter colors and will brighten your kitchen.

2. Melamine

Melamine cabinets are also affordable and have a variety of designs from which to choose. They’re easy to wipe down and maintain, so are a good choice for a busy household. The downside is that they’re less able to withstand knocks and bumps, and if damaged are more difficult to repair.

3. Lacquered

Lacquered cabinets create a high-end, premium-looking kitchen. They’re sleek, modern, and can look pristine after many years of use. If they do get damaged, scratches are straightforward to repair and the material is easy to clean. A major downside of this material is how easily fingerprints show up on it.

4. Wooden kitchen cabinets

While the most expensive option, it’s with good reason: wood is quality material. There are also many choices in the look and finish depending on the wood. Most people choose wooden cabinets because they have no intention of updating their design for many years, and so want a sturdy material. Wood is easy to treat to help prevent serious damage—perfect for the rigors of everyday life


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