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A Guide to Fire-Rated Glass September 16, 2019

NOTA, Rochester
A Guide to Fire-Rated Glass, Rochester, New York

As a business owner, it’s imperative to have an emergency plan in place. You can also establish preventative measures, like installing fire-rated commercial glass, to protect your employees. Fire-rated glass prevents fire and harmful smoke from spreading in your building. Learn about the benefits of fire-rated glass and what types are available in this helpful guide. 

What Is a Fire Rating? 

Fire-rated glass doors and windows are coated with a glaze that prevents the spreading of smoke and flames in the event of a fire. Each door and window then receives a rating that measures how long it can stop the fire from spreading. 

Benefits of Fire-Rated Commercial Glass commercial glass

Other materials, like concrete and corrugated steel, are also effective in protecting from smoke and flames. But commercial glass allows rescue teams to look inside the affected area. Glass also allows sunlight into the space during regular business hours, reducing electricity usage and improving employee well-being. 

Fire-Protective Glass 

The first type of fire-rated glass blocks smoke and flames, but not heat. This means that anyone on the other side of the glass can feel the warmth of the fire. Fire-protective glass includes wired glass, tempered glass, and glass ceramics. 

Fire-Resistant Glass 

On the other hand, fire-resistant glass protects from smoke, flames, and both radiant and conductive heat. Anyone on the other side of the glass will not feel the heat from the fire, and objects will not be able to combust spontaneously. 


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