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The Importance of Staying Calm at Your Child's Sporting Events September 18, 2019

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The Importance of Staying Calm at Your Child's Sporting Events, New Haven, Connecticut

It’s normal to get swept up in the excitement of your kid’s football or soccer game, but when anger takes over, parents often make mistakes that can affect their lives for years. Losing your cool, yelling at the referee, or getting into fights can ruin your child’s love of the game or even get you arrested. In fact, it’s not uncommon for a parent’s behavior at a sporting event to land them in jail until they can post bail.

Why You Should Stay Calm at Your Child’s Game

The Negative Effects of Getting Angry

At the very least, angry outbursts at your child’s sports events will likely embarrass your child in front of their peers and coaches. They might even withdraw entirely and lose interest in the sport, depriving them of a source of joy and camaraderie.

bailIn many cases, parents have actually engaged in behavior that resulted in a police arrest. Instead of going home to celebrate with their children, these parents wound up waiting to post bail and eventually walked away with a permanent criminal record.

How to Keep Calm at Your Child’s Game

Many parents believe that youth sports games are the gateway to a brighter future, so the stakes may seem high. However, remember that the point of these games is the learning and development of your child. Keeping realistic expectations and keeping in mind that it’s only a game will help you avoid outbursts that could land you in trouble.

If you do find yourself getting angry, walking away from the game for a few minutes will help dissipate those negative emotions. If you feel tempted to scream at referees or the opposing coach, take a step away and go for a walk.


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