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What to Do About a Dropped Contact Lens September 16, 2019

Whitefish, Flathead
What to Do About a Dropped Contact Lens, Whitefish, Montana

Many people who wear contact lenses have dealt with a dropped lens. One minute you’re enjoying 20/20 vision and the next you’re scouring the floor for a dropped contact. If you’re lucky enough to locate the lost lens, the next step is to ensure it’s intact and can be safely placed back in your eye. Consult the guide below to find out how to safely care for your lens. 

3 Tips to Deal With Dropped Contact Lenses

1. Don’t Clean the Lens With Saliva 

Lenses need to be cleaned before putting them into your eyes. This is especially important after it falls on the floor or some other questionable surface. Using saliva to clean and moisten the lens is possibly the worst thing you can do. More than 700 different types of bacteria can be found in the mouth, which can then be transferred to your eye. Cleaning with water is also not recommended since it’s not guaranteed to be sterile. You need to disinfect the lens with a solution specifically designed for contacts. 

2. Carry Extra Solution

contact lensesTo prevent the above situation, make sure you keep extra contact lens solution everywhere you go. You should store a travel bottle in your purse or backpack in case you drop a lens on the go or you need to re-moisten your contact lenses. You should also have more than one lens case at your disposal. Rinsing a lens in a cup or in your hand leaves it exposed to germs and bacteria. Contact lens cases are designed to be sterile and secure. 

3. Bring Your Glasses Just in Case

If you can’t recover your lost lens, have a spare pair of eyeglasses on you at all times. This can prevent dangerous or uncomfortable scenarios, such as if you need last-minute assistance while driving. Keep a pair of glasses at the office or in your vehicle to ensure you’re always prepared. 


With more than four decades of experience, The Whitefish Eye Center in Whitefish, MT, offers a wide range of eye care services, including contact lenses and associated accessories. They also offer a wide selection of eyeglass frames and perform comprehensive eye exams to diagnose refractive errors and identify conditions and diseases. This vision care center also offers convenient Saturday hours to suit patients with busy schedules. Learn more about their services online or call (406) 862-2020 to schedule an appointment. 

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