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3 Core Pieces of Gear for Horseback Riding September 20, 2019

Lebanon, Warren
3 Core Pieces of Gear for Horseback Riding, Lebanon, Ohio

Horseback riding is a tremendously exciting and rewarding pursuit, but it’s important to have a little preparation before you jump in the saddle and gallop away. For a safe and enjoyable experience, you’ll need to acquire some basic gear. Below is a guide to the most vital items you’ll need for your first ride. 

What Gear Every Horseback Rider Should Have

1. Helmet

Helmets are a must-have for beginner riders and are still crucial for more experienced ones. It’s important to prepare for accidents, so if you ever do lose control or fall off the horse, you can protect your head. When you look, ensure that the helmet is certified, comfortable, and durable.

2. Tack

saddleIf you’re riding a horse that isn’t part of a riding stable, you’ll also need to purchase what’s known as horse tack. This is gear essential to the actual harnessing of the horse. That includes everything from stirrups for your feet, a saddle to sit in, and a bit to help control the horse. For the best results, it’s ideal to know as much as possible about the size and nature of the horse before heading to the store and jumping on the saddle. 

3. Chaps

Chaps are another necessary riding accessory. These fittings over your lower body will help you avoid slipping in the saddle, which is a common beginner pitfall, and shield you from the sweat of the horse. They’ll also help buffer you from the friction that comes with riding, making the experience much more comfortable. 


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