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Everything You Need to Know About Auto AC Performance Checks September 13, 2019

Loveland, Hamilton
Everything You Need to Know About Auto AC Performance Checks, Loveland, Ohio

You rely on your air-conditioning system throughout the year; from keeping you cool while driving to removing the fog from your windows. You should perform routine AC checks that will ensure it’s running at peak performance to protect your comfort. Below is a comprehensive guide of the tasks required during an auto service inspection.

What Causes AC Issues

If you notice that your AC isauto service blowing hot air through your car or the cold air is weak even at the highest setting, there are several potential underlying causes. The AC compressor is the component that compresses the hot air from the refrigerant, before transporting it to the condenser, which removes the heat. The serpentine belt is the part that powers the compressor; if it’s faulty, this might cause overheating. Signs of a defective belt include squealing noises and problems cooling the interior of your car. Other common issues include dust in the radiator or evaporator, which can prevent cold air from circulating through the cabin. 

What Comes With an AC Auto Service Inspection

Five main components make up a vehicle air conditioning system. During an inspection, an auto technician will examine each component to ensure it is functioning properly. These parts include the compressor, the condenser, and a receiver/dryer or an accumulator. You should schedule an AC inspection at the first sign of a faulty component or temperature issues in your vehicle. 


When you’re ready to take your vehicle in for an air conditioning inspection, turn to the team at Ken Marcotte's Professional Auto Service. This locally owned and operated mechanic shop specializes in a variety of auto services, from comprehensive inspections and diagnostics to routine oil changes and auto repair solutions. Give them a call today at (513) 683-7852 to schedule an appointment with a mechanic. You can also visit them online to learn more about their full list of auto services. 

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