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Should You Get Light or Dark Kitchen Cabinets? September 6, 2019

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Should You Get Light or Dark Kitchen Cabinets?, Norwood, Ohio

When it comes to your kitchen design, the cabinets play an important role. The type of material you choose, as well as the color, can have a major impact on the overall aesthetic and feel of the room, so it’s essential to choose carefully. Both dark and light kitchen cabinets have their advantages, but if you’re trying to decide between the two, there are some important factors to take into consideration.

What Are the Advantages of Light Cabinets?

Kitchen designLight-colored cabinets are timeless, so they are a safe and versatile choice to include in your new kitchen design. Because white, cream, and other light hues pair well with any color and texture, you can feel safe knowing you won’t have to worry about changing other elements of the space you already have picked out or installed. Another benefit of light-colored cabinets in the kitchen is that they can make spaces look brighter and bigger, which is ideal for smaller areas.

What Are the Advantages of Dark Cabinets?

Dark-colored cabinets can make the entire kitchen design feel a bit more luxurious because they instill an essence of elegance. You can use chocolate-colored or even black cabinets to create a visually stunning contrast with the other pops of color in the room, such as a red backsplash or gold or chrome hardware. Another advantage of dark cabinets in the kitchen is that they don’t show dirt as easily, so they won’t require as much upkeep.

How Do You Choose Cabinets for a New Kitchen Design?

While there are advantages to both, the decision to go with light or dark cabinets depends largely on the specific space you’re working with. If you’re concerned about making the room feel bigger, your best bet is to go with light-colored cabinets. On the other hand, if you want to make the kitchen feel more relaxed and warm, it might be better to opt for dark cabinets. The best way to decide is by speaking with a kitchen design professional who can walk you through the options.


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