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FAQ on Using Insurance for Windshield Repairs October 7, 2019

Woodburn, Marion
FAQ on Using Insurance for Windshield Repairs, Woodburn, Oregon

A small crack on your windshield can become even bigger if you delay auto glass repairs. This compromises your visibility on the road, which puts you at risk. One common reason people put off getting repairs is that they’re worried about the cost of glass replacement. To help you find the best price for this service, here are answers to a few of the questions you may have about paying for it. 

FAQ About Fixing a Windshield

Does Oregon have a zero-deductible full glass coverage law?

Yes. Depending on your insurance policy, you could get an auto glass replacement or repair with no deductible or only a partial deductible. This is typically an add-on to auto coverage. If your policy does include this feature, you’re most likely able to fix your windshield for a very small cost.

Will my insurance cover the costs otherwise?

auto glassAny comprehensive policy should cover auto glass, as long as the damage occurred in a covered event. For example, if you have coverage against natural disasters, cracks due to debris cast during storms may be covered. Read over your policy or talk to your insurance agent to understand what your policy covers.

Will this affect my premiums?

Maybe. It costs more to insure high-risk drivers, so if your auto glass damage was caused by a collision, then your company may increase your premiums after a claim.

How do I find the best rate for repairs?

Shop around and compare rates. Many companies offer free quotes to allow you to gather information about different services before making a decision. 


If you’re in need of auto glass replacement, contact Woodburn Radiator and Glass in Marion County, OR, and the surrounding areas. They also work with residential and commercial glass, including windows and shower enclosures. They offer some of the most affordable rates in town. Learn more about the auto glass services they provide online or call (503) 982-3421 to discuss your needs.
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