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​Art & Crafts Reflect Student Learning in The Crayon Box Preschool Program September 17, 2015

Flushing, Queens
​Art & Crafts Reflect Student Learning in The Crayon Box Preschool Program, Queens, New York

At the Crayon Box Preschool in Flushing NY, creative expression is a core aspect of the curriculum. That's why this superb preschool learning center integrates arts and crafts into lessons each day. From fun costume-inspired creations to bulletin board decor to crafts that reflect the diversity of the classroom, Crayon Box Preschool uses the creative process to foster healthy cognitive and social development. Their multidisciplinary approach to arts and crafts takes many forms. 

Here are a few playful yet educational creative projects their preschool students have done in the past:

  • Arts & Crafts Supports Weekly Themes: Their engaging preschool curriculum is supported by weekly themes that tie lessons together throughout the day and week. For Circus Week, students cut colorful circles to glue onto pointed hats, each topped with a playful puff ball. This simple activity improves fine motor skills, color and shape recognition, and gives kids an opportunity for dramatic play.
  • Arts & Crafts Demonstrates Multiculturalism: Arts and crafts are frequently used to celebrate holidays throughout the year. During the Chinese New Year, students use paper plates, construction paper, and glue to create dragon-like masks that they also colored. Here got a chance to express themselves through dramatic play in a classroom parade while learning about holidays celebrated around the world.
  • Arts & Crafts Teach History: Creative projects are a great way to approach history in preschool. For preschoolers especially, hands-on activities keep them engaged as they learn. For Thanksgiving, students made pilgrim hats and Native American headdresses as they learned the history of this harvest holiday.
  • Arts & Crafts Reinforce Reading: Literacy and art have long been linked in many ways. After reading the Dr. Seuss book Oh, The Places You'll Go!, students each decorated their own hot air balloon that featured their name. Their creations were displayed on a classroom bulletin board.

You can check out more of their fun art projects by following Crayon Box Preschool on Facebook. In addition to imaginative arts and crafts projects, Crayon Box Preschool invites special guests to the school and takes students on fun educational field trips. This child care center is truly unmatched in their commitment to offering a rich, diverse curriculum and attentive childcare. Visit them online and call (718) 888-9341 to learn more about everything they have to offer your little one.

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