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3 Factors to Consider Before Renovating Your Warehouse September 10, 2019

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3 Factors to Consider Before Renovating Your Warehouse, Cairo, Georgia

Whether making minor improvements or performing a massive expansion, renovating a warehouse is a huge responsibility that should be approached strategically. After all, these structures are so much more than metal buildings with open floor plans; they’re the very heart of your business. From designing an efficient unloading pit to purchasing the right number of conveyors, a lot goes into warehouse renovations. If you’re unsure how to get started, consider the following factors. 

How to Get Started on a Warehouse Remodel

1. Zoning Laws

Even if your warehouse is nothing more than a metal building with four walls and a roof, you’ll have to research usage laws and safety codes before making any changes to it. There may be both county and state regulations to consider. And if you run a commercial operation, there may be additional, industry-specific requirements to follow over the course of the remodel. 

2. Ongoing Operations 

metal buildingsIf you’re going to remain operational during the renovations, it’s critical that you determine the logistics of doing so before getting started. If you plan on upgrading the entire metal building, for example, it may be necessary to divide the project into different stages during which you target one section at a time. This will ensure the rest of the space remains operational.  

3. Storage Solutions

While your existing system may be sufficient, you’ll undoubtedly need more storage after the remodel if you’re renovating because the business is growing. Naturally, the best solutions will depend on your particular needs. Some of the most popular options include industrial shelving, assembly bins, and cantilever racks. 


When it comes time to update all the metal buildings on your property, turn to Merritt Mechanical-Fabrication. Based in Cairo, GA, they serve individual and commercial clients throughout the Southeast. Backed by more than 50 years of experience, their team can help with virtually every stage of your project, from sandblasting and metal fabricating to reroofing and painting. To see some of their past construction work, visit their website. To discuss your vision and needs, call (229) 377-5586. 

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