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5 Post-Car Accident Reminders From Roadside Assistance Experts September 17, 2015

Bond Hill, Cincinnati
5 Post-Car Accident Reminders From Roadside Assistance Experts, Cincinnati, Ohio

Every day, somewhere on a city highway or suburban road, a car accident has just occurred. It’s understandable to experience panic and shock if you’re involved in an accident. The roadside assistance team at Cai’s Towing & Recovery LLC in Cincinnati, OH urges you to remain calm and follow a few simple safety protocols.

Here are a few other critical tips to keep in mind if you're in an accident:

  • Call 911: If injuries are involved, immediately request an ambulance. Wait for the police to arrive on the scene in order to secure an incident report for insurance claim purposes.
  • Get To Safety: Try to safely move the vehicles off the road and away from oncoming traffic. If that’s not possible, don’t risk causing any further damages. Instead, call the professional drivers at Cai’s Towing & Recovery LLC who are trained to handle all types of flat bed towing situations.
  • Exchange Insurance Information: When you are in a safe location, exchange insurance information if another driver is involved. 
  • Document The Accident: Take pictures of any damages to your vehicle. If your car or truck experienced only minor damage, such as a flat tire, the professionals at Cai's Towing & Recovery can perform tire changes on site so you can get back on the road.
  • Call A Reliable Towing Company: If you can't drive your vehicle after the accident, call a towing company. Cai's Towing & Recovery LLC provides 24 hour towing services and offers price reductions for local towing. 

Being involved in a car accident can be a scary experience. The family-owned and operated Cai’s Towing & Recovery LLC will be there to provide affordable assistance, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If your car suffers irreparable damages, you can also visit Cai's Towing & Recovery LLC for used cars for sale at competitive prices. 

To learn more about Cai's Towing & Recovery LLC's  other services, such as car lockouts and U-Haul rentals, call Cai’s Towing & Recovery LLC at (513) 351-1008 or check out the website.

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