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5 Fantastic Benefits Turfgrass Sod Provides Your Home August 30, 2019

Wahiawa, Wahiawa
5 Fantastic Benefits Turfgrass Sod Provides Your Home, Wahiawa, Hawaii

The alternative to seeded grass, turf or sod provides a convenient way for homeowners throughout Hawaii and beyond to keep their properties beautiful. Sod is simply grass and soil held together by the root systems, although biodegradable material may also be used as a binding agent. Learn more about what makes sod ideal for use around your home.

5 Reasons to Choose Turfgrass

1. Promote Healthier Air

Sod helps you and your family breathe easier. Like all plants, it absorbs carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and other pollutants while producing oxygen. Sod is especially beneficial if anyone in your home has allergies or allergy-related asthma. It traps dust and reduces airborne pollen by inhibiting the growth of pollen-producing weeds. 

2. Prevent Soil Erosion & Runoff

turfTurf’s highly fibrous root system reduces erosion and stormwater runoff through soil stabilization. This prevents sediment buildup in waterways and saves money in soil replenishment while also keeping red mud out of your home. A common problem in Hawaii, red mud created by the iron oxide in volcanic soil is difficult to remove from carpets, rugs, and clothing. By reducing runoff, turf prevents red mud from forming.

3. Maintain Cooler Premises

Sod and other grasses provide natural air conditioning benefits via daily heat absorption and gradual evening release. You’ll enjoy a cooler property with turf compared to other surfaces like concrete, bare soil, and synthetic grass, which is especially helpful in a hot, humid climate.

4. Support Healthy Groundwater

The heavy metals, hydrocarbons, fertilizers, pesticides, and other pollutants found in soil get broken down by fungi, bacteria, and other microorganisms living in turfgrass root systems. Sod prevents contaminants from reaching groundwater while also filtering rain so it reaches underground aquifers contaminant-free. Since sod also collects nutrients such as phosphorus, your lawn will look extra lush.

5. Reduce Noise

Thick turfgrass lowers noise pollution when installed on sloped areas surrounding residential properties. Also used near highways for the same reason, sod contributes to a peaceful residence so you aren’t bothered by passing vehicles and loud neighbors. 


If sod sounds perfect for your property, contact Alii Turf. The locally owned and operated grass farm on Oahu provides residential and commercial landscaping solutions to home and business owners throughout Kapolei, Mililani, Hawaii Kai, and the surrounding areas. Call (808) 293-8873 to request a quote.

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