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How Personal Emergency Response Systems Can Help Elderly Family Members August 30, 2019

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How Personal Emergency Response Systems Can Help Elderly Family Members, Honolulu, Hawaii

As they get older, your loved ones will need more support. Whether they’re active or homebound, Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) can provide elderly assistance instantly. The system will notify you, medical professionals, or 911, ensuring that the situation is addressed quickly and your loved one’s needs are seen to.  

What are PERS & How Do They Work?

When Can They Be Used?

PERS are available depending on the type of elderly assistance your loved one needs. If they have mobility issues, PERS will work in the home where accidents are most likely to occur. If they’re active, some systems have enhanced cellular coverage. They can use it while they’re out running errands or taking a walk.

PERS with strong cell signals are also recommended for those who need elderly assistance but live in more rural areas.  

Your loved one doesn’t need to have a medical emergency to activate the system. It can be used in any situation they might need help—if their car breaks down, if they’re lost, or if they’re not feeling safe at home.

Who Receives the Call?

Elderly CarePERS provide a great deal of customization. If your loved one needs elderly assistance, they’re guaranteed to be connected to someone who can help. One of the options is a professional who’s on-call 24/7. They’ll have full access to your loved one’s medical history and a list of family members to call if necessary.

Automated response systems route calls for elderly assistance to one of three different extensions. You can choose 911, a prearranged contact person (usually a family member), or a phone tree. The phone tree calls several people in your loved one’s life all at once.

If the prearranged contact or the contacts in the tree don’t answer their phones, the call is automatically routed to 911.  

Are They Easy to Use?

Some devices are rechargeable, while others will need new batteries occasionally. The device is small and can fit around their wrist. There are even PERS that look like smartwatches. Regardless of their style, the PERS are made for ease of use. If elderly assistance is needed, help is always one button push away.


A personal emergency response system can help your loved one when they need it most. Afterward, they might need more support around the house. CareResource Hawaii in Honolulu can provide in-home elderly assistance. Their certified employees are devoted to providing professional but empathetic care. From shopping and cooking to offering companionship, their staff is available at (808) 599-4999. For more information on their services, including respite care and surgery recovery, visit their website.

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