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Top Materials for Kitchen Countertops September 9, 2019

Terramuggus, Hartford County
Top Materials for Kitchen Countertops , ,

The best kitchen countertops combine durability with aesthetic appeal to create a surface that’s as functional as it is inviting. If you are starting a kitchen remodeling project, there are two countertop materials that are particularly worth considering. Here’s why you should invest in granite or quartz. 

Granite vs. Quartz Countertops


A type of natural stone, no two slabs of granite look the same. The classic beauty of granite offers a timeless look applicable to many kitchen styles while also providing a durable countertop on which to work. Granite easily withstands kitchen wear and tear and resists bacteria and staining when quality sealant products are used.

It’s easy to maintain, you can use soap and water instead of scrubbing your countertops with other chemicals to remove any dirt and grime. The strength of granite makes repairs a rarity; however, any cracks in the natural stone are easy to fix with pigmented epoxy, so you won’t have to replace the entire slab.

kitchen remodelingGranite may be one of the more expensive kitchen remodeling materials, but because of its durability and longevity, it’s a worthwhile investment.


Unlike granite, quartz is an engineered product made of 97% natural quarry waste materials. It features strong resins, making periodic sealing unnecessary. Also, it doesn’t crack as easily as natural stone. It is also a non-porous kitchen remodeling material that resists bacteria and stains, including red wine, tomato juice, and coffee stains.

While granite features natural imperfections, blemishes on quartz get removed during the manufacturing process. Some homeowners prefer the aesthetic of granite while others enjoy the modern look quartz provides. The engineered stone can be more expensive because of the labor that goes into producing its look.  


When you need granite or quartz for your next kitchen remodeling project, contact Kitchen Living. This remodeling and renovation company features designers who plan meticulously and offer competitive pricing. They even have a showroom in Hartford County, CT. Visit them online or call  (860) 819-5847 to learn more about their products and services.

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