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What to Know About Filtration Soiling September 3, 2019

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What to Know About Filtration Soiling, Dawsonville, Georgia

If you’ve noticed strange black or gray lines on your carpet beneath doors or along exterior walls, you likely have an issue with filtration soiling. These marks can be hard to get out, so you’ll want to schedule professional carpet cleaning services. Here are some causes for the stains and what you can do to keep it from happening again.

What Causes Filtration Soiling?

Filtration soiling happens when air can’t get filtered through your home efficiently. Trapped air then seeps through door gaps or spaces between carpet and baseboards. The air carries fine particles from air pollutants like smoke from cigarettes, cooking oils, fireplaces, candles, and incense.  In some case improperly vented gas furnaces as well and those particles get embedded in carpeting, leaving dark marks.

Does Carpet Cleaning Help?

A household vacuumcarpet cleaning usually won’t remove these types of stains. However, steam cleaning with a heavy-duty cleaning solution may remove the stains. Call your local carpet cleaning company to have them clean your carpets.

How Can You Prevent Filtration Soiling?

To prevent recurring stains from filtration soiling, you’ll need to tackle the original problem that led to carpet staining.

  • Eliminate smoke. Avoid smoking or lighting candles inside.
  • Keep carpets clean. Vacuum and dust regularly to prevent pollutants from embedding into the carpeting.
  • Clean air ducts. Have air ducts cleaned and change the HVAC filter regularly.
  • Open the doors. Ensure air can move freely throughout the house by keeping interior doors open when possible.
  • Do not obstruct your return in any way with furniture so air has an easy path to your return
  • Carpet cleaning will do little to no improvement on filtration marks.  However there are chemicals that can remove them.  It is a labor and time consuming process.

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