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3 Items You Should Never Rinse Down the Drain August 30, 2019

St. Paul, Ramsey
3 Items You Should Never Rinse Down the Drain, St. Paul, Minnesota

Protecting your residential plumbing system is crucial. By being mindful of what you wash down the drain, you will avoid unexpected problems, such as stubborn clogged drains or severe backups that cause flooding. Here are three items that you should never send into the pipes.

What Should You Avoid Washing Down the Drain?

1. FOGs

Fats, oils, and grease, more commonly referred to as FOGs in the plumbing world, are among the average pipe’s biggest enemies. These substances rinse in liquid form when they’re warm, but when they cool down in the pipes, they solidify. In addition to forming blockages that prevent water from flowing correctly, they also adhere to the pipes in thick coats. Over time, that buildup accumulates until the clog is complete. To avoid this issue, collect FOGs in a piece of aluminum foil and throw it away.

2. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds may seem innocuous, plumbingbut these small particles can pose a substantial threat to your plumbing system. Because they don’t break down when immersed in water, they’ll form significant clumps that fill up the pipes and cause stubborn blockages. There are several more effective ways to eliminate the grounds. You can use them as compost in the garden, for example, or put a coffee filter in your sink above the drain, then put the grounds in, wrap it up, and toss it away.

3. Starchy Foods

Anything starchy is dangerous news for your piping, too. Ingredients such as rice and pasta are soft, but they’re not designed to disintegrate as they travel down the drain. Instead, they’ll expand on contact with water and create a sticky, gummy, and glue-like mess deep inside the system. Avoid this by disposing of any leftovers in the trash.


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