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4 Benefits of SD-WAN for Small Businesses September 10, 2019

New York, New York
4 Benefits of SD-WAN for Small Businesses, New York, New York

An increasing number of small businesses are implementing software-defined wide area networking, more commonly known as SD-WAN. This centralized system has been commonplace in larger companies for years, but it’s now trending among smaller businesses because of its many benefits. Here are four advantages to gain by implementing SD-WAN at your small business.

4 Advantages of SD-WAN

1. Increase Security

With SD-WAN, information stays local. There’s no need to bounce customer files and payment information between networks. All this data remains inside the network, greatly limiting the likelihood of a breach. Security measures like intrusion prevention and firewalls are put in place at the branch level, limiting data vulnerability and improving your network security.

2. Improve Network Performance 

sd-wanMany companies allow their staff to work remotely. In these situations, it’s essential to provide adequate information protection and high network speeds for remote employees who are accessing cloud-based data, files, and software. Whether your staff is inside or outside the office, SD-WAN offers a high-speed, protected network that lets your employees transfer and access data without delays.

Clients and customers can also benefit from SD-WAN because it offers a responsive user experience. People can view records, transfer files and use the website without waiting for the network to respond.

3. Limit Outages

Gone are the days of website outages caused by lack of bandwidth. Instead, install SD-WAN to ensure your website and data transfer connections are ready for use whenever and wherever your team needs the system.

4. Minimize Costs

Previously, many small companies relied on private wide area networking links to ensure they have adequate bandwidth to conduct business. While this option offered ample security, it came at high prices. Today, SD-WAN offers a more cost-effective solution that can handle the same bandwidth without racking up high costs.


If you’re interested in implementing SD-WAN at your business, get in touch with Mojo Tech in Long Island, NY. The global tech team offers IT solutions for businesses large and small to ensure information safety. Call their headquarters at (631) 604-4318 for a customized quote. Visit their website for information on their other services, including cloud storage and Voice Over Internet Protocol.

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