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A Guide to Getting Your Driver’s License September 11, 2019

Villa Hills, Covington
A Guide to Getting Your Driver’s License, Covington, Kentucky

Getting your driver’s license may seem like a tough task, but when you know what to do and have the right help, it’s a simple process. Know what to expect as you head into your driving lessons, and you’ll be driving on your own in no time. Every state has its unique process and requirements, and the state of Kentucky has drivers earn their licenses in three phases.

Permit Phase: Before the Test

Drivers can get their permit at the age of 16 by taking a written knowledge test and a vision test. You can prepare for the written test by starting your driver’s ed courses and reading the driving manuals on the Kentucky State Police site. Once you pass this test, you have your permit to take your driving lessons and practice for at least a total of 60 hours. During this time, you cannot drive between the hours of midnight and 6:00 AM and must be accompanied by a licensed adult at least 21 years old.

Intermediate Phase: During the Test

driving lessonsOnce you have completed your driving lessons and met the permit requirements, you can take your driving skills test with your county Circuit Clerk’s office. During this test, your examiner will sit in the passenger seat. You will drive in traffic and be directed by the examiner. The test will include stops, backing, turning the car around, stopping and starting on a hill, parallel parking, intersection approaches, clutch use if applicable, speed, turns, lane use, right-of-way use, and overall control.

The intermediate license is held for 180 days, during which you cannot drive between the hours of midnight and 6:00 AM. You must not have more than one unrelated person under the age of 20 in the vehicle at any time. If you receive a moving traffic violation, the 180-day period will restart.

Unrestricted Phase: After the Test

Once you have held your intermediary license for 180 days with no moving traffic violations or without getting six points, you can apply for your unrestricted license. You will need to bring your Graduated Licensing Eligibility Letter from your driving school. Those under 21 are subject to Kentucky’s Zero Tolerance law, which means that driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs (0.02 percent blood alcohol content) is prohibited.


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