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4 Tips for Improving Communication in the Workplace September 5, 2019

New York, New York
4 Tips for Improving Communication in the Workplace, New York, New York

Most managers and business owners understand the importance of implementing effective communication practices in the workplace. But if you’re just starting out or looking to make changes to a pre-existing structure, you may not know where to start. From installing a reliable internet network to keeping your door open, below are three tips for improving conversations and trust at work.  

4 Ways to Improve Communication Within Your Team

1. Host Regular Meetings

Meetings offer the opportunity to discuss what’s going on in the department, answer any timely questions, and just catch up with your team. You can opt for weekly team meetings or one-on-ones with individual employees. Try to stick to this schedule, as routine and consistency are the keys to developing trust and open dialogue. If you have any remote workers, make sure you have a reliable internet network so that you can host video calls and stay in touch. 

2. Maintain an “Open-Door” Policy

internet networkYou want your employees to feel as though they can come to you with any concerns or questions without being judged or reprimanded. Make it clear that you have an open-door policy, which means team members are welcome to come in and have private conversations whenever need be. Let them know whatever they discuss will be respected and kept private.

3. Find Time to Bond

The easiest way to foster communication is to create atmospheres in which your team can bond and enjoy each other’s company in a casual setting. This will bolster camaraderie and help develop friendly relationships. Opt to schedule team outings at least once a month, whether it’s bowling, happy hour, or karaoke. 

4. Install an Online Chat Service 

If your employees feel like they can easily reach you throughout the day without having to get up and go into your office, they’ll likely feel more comfortable asking questions and sharing concerns about projects. Installing an online chat service is an easy way to improve communication in a non-invasive manner. Services like Slack or Microsoft Teams are some of the most common, and all you need to get them up and running is a reliable internet network.


Once you’ve developed the right communication practices at work, you need a solid internet network to back them up. That’s where WPG Consulting can help. Based in New York City, this managed service provider offers the IT solutions needed to run a successful enterprise. Visit their website to learn more about what they do, and call (646) 868-9800 to schedule a consultation to get your office outfitted with a new network today.

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