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All About Laser Treatment for Cavities September 3, 2019

Anderosa, Colorado Springs
All About Laser Treatment for Cavities, Colorado Springs, Colorado

Many movies and TV shows have depicted going to the dentist as a source of anxiety. In reality, recent advances in technology have made their work not only more effective but also more comfortable for patients. For example, rather than needing to drill into cavity-infested teeth, they can now use lasers to remove the areas of decay for a noise-free, pain-free experience. The guide below looks closer at this treatment.

How Lasers Can Remove Cavities

Dentists use a light beam to cut away the decayed area of one’s tooth. As a result of the precision offered by the laser, they are able to preserve more of the healthy material than they would be otherwise. During this process, the tooth is kept wet to further reduce pain. After the problematic parts have been extracted, a filling can be easily placed. That being said, this technique does have some limitations. For one, dentists can’t use it on teeth that already have a filling in place or for cavities that are in especially hard-to-reach locations.

Benefits of Laser Dentistry 

dentistBesides the precision of the instrument and the preservation of healthy tooth tissue, using lasers means that patients may not need any, or as much, local anesthesia. The laser technique minimizes swelling and bleeding in the gums. The absence of the noise and pressure of the drill can reduce anxiety for both adults and children, especially since it takes less time than traditional filling methods.


Laser dentistry is the most pain-free and stress-free way to have a basic cavity filled. Interested? Turn to Peter A. McIntyre, DDS, PC. This dentist serves families in the Pike’s Peak region of Colorado with general and preventive dentistry, as well as cosmetic and restorative procedures. Visit the website for more on these offerings. For the latest technology and compassionate, professional care, call for an appointment at (719) 475-2511.