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Experience Healthy Tea Traditions From Around The World With The Premium Teas From Village Tea Company September 11, 2015

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Experience Healthy Tea Traditions From Around The World With The Premium Teas From Village Tea Company, National Harbor, Maryland

From organic green teas to organic herbal teas to rooibos teas, Village Tea Company has a wide selection of premium teas from all around the world, and, as you can probably guess, each and every tea has a different meaning to its specific culture. 

If you’re interested in the cultural relevance of teas, here are some tea traditions from all over the world:

  • China: If you traced the roots of tea drinking, you would find that it began during the Shang Dynasty in Southwest China. Today, the Chinese refer to the art of making tea as Cha dao.
  • Argentina: In the Southern Cone region of South America, yerba mate, a tea indigenous to the area, is consumed by steeping the herb in hot water, sipping the beverage through a bombilla and sharing it with your friends and family.
  • United States: While tea is enjoyed all over the nation, perhaps the most popular variety is sweet iced tea in the American South. Best enjoyed on hot afternoons, make this refreshing drink healthier by using agave syrup instead of sugar.
  • Morocco: Served as a symbol of hospitality, guests are expected to drink three cups of Moroccan mint tea—one for life, one for love and one for death.
  • India: As the leading producer and consumer of tea, spiced chai is served everywhere—on the street, in restaurants and in homes. Served hot and a little sweet, this beverage hits the spot any time of day.

Regardless of why you drink tea—to relax, to meditate or to enliven your senses—head over to the Village Tea Company web site to browse their impressive collection of healthy teas.

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