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3 Benefits of Adding an Island During Kitchen Remodeling September 11, 2019

Winnetka Hills, Crystal
3 Benefits of Adding an Island During Kitchen Remodeling, Crystal, Minnesota

You can do much more than upgrade your cabinets during a kitchen remodeling project. Among the many features you could add, few can prove more useful than an island. No matter how big your kitchen is, this versatile addition offers a wide range of functions to help you get more out of this space than ever before.

The Top 3 Advantages of a Kitchen Island

1. Additional Storage Space

If your cabinets seem to be overflowing with dishes and other kitchen supplies, an island will provide much-needed extra space. The area underneath the island countertop can house drawers, cabinets, or pull-out shelves. It can be customized according to your specific needs, even for more unique applications like wine storage.

2. Extra Seating

kitchen remodelingKitchen islands also expand your informal dining space by providing an extra seating area. Depending on the size, a kitchen island can typically seat between two to six people. This makes it a great seating option when you have guests over. Kids especially love having their own seating area at an island. This can be used for more than just meal-time — it can also create the ideal place for kids to work on homework or chat.

3. New Space for Appliances or a Workstation

Many kitchen remodeling projects rework the layout of the entire room, moving appliances and plumbing fixtures to make the space easier to navigate. Depending on your needs, you can incorporate your kitchen island into these changes to streamline the meal preparation process. Sinks, mini-refrigerators, or stovetops all make great additions to a kitchen island. Choose features that you will use on a consistent basis.


If you’re planning a kitchen remodeling project for your home, contact TLC Remodeling. Serving Hennepin County, MN, since 2004, this family-owned company uses high-quality materials and an expert staff to bring your dreams to life at a price you can afford. To learn more about their home renovation services, visit them online or call (952) 356-4303.

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