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On-Site vs. Cloud Phone Systems in the Office October 2, 2019

Owen Brown, Savage
On-Site vs. Cloud Phone Systems in the Office, Savage, Maryland

Phones will always play a crucial role in the workplace, and if you’re considering an upgrade or new service, you’ll have on-site and cloud phone systems to choose from. Each has unique benefits and serves different business needs. By understanding both, you can be confident in your selection for your workplace. Below, find the advantages of each system. 

Cloud Phone Systems

Cloud phone systems leverage the connectivity of the cloud. Rather than operating over traditional landlines, they use cloud services to connect calls. The most popular example is the VoIP phone system. Employees connect and can speak with anyone and anywhere so long as they have a Wi-FI connection. With this comes savings, as cloud phone systems utilize your existing bandwidth to function. Because no new hardware, renovations, or extensive installations are required, you’ll save money and time. Couple this with the fact that your general telecom provider can bundle cloud phone systems with your other telecom services and troubleshoot problems remotely. The greatest advantage for many companies is that there are no software fees or call limitations for extended service use, and they have business-continuity/redundancy via the cloud.

On-Site Phones

cloud-phone-system-acc-telecomTraditional on-site phone systems have been in the workplace for decades. They typically connect directly to landline or PRI services, providing reliable services. Compare this with cloud phone systems. Should you suffer a power or Internet outage, the system won’t function.  You won’t lose calls because calls are automatically forwarded to cell phones, but you won’t be able to access certain phone system features like voicemail or Auto Attendant during the outage.  

Many offices are already wired to connect with business phone systems, so integration is easy. New buildings that aren’t will require some renovations, and if repairs are needed, a technician will need to access wiring and physical infrastructure. Still, you can’t beat the reliability of a tangible phone system, which is especially important for call centers and companies whose business is based around phones.


If you’re interested in adding physical or cloud phone systems to your workplace, ACC Telecom of Columbia, MD, can cover all your needs. They’ve served customers since 1979 and are committed to improving the way people work. They provide 24/7 support and carry a wide selection of telecommunications equipment, which you can explore on their website. Call (410) 995-0101 today to learn more about becoming a partner.

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