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How to Find the Right T-Shirt Fit September 5, 2019

Spring Park, Jacksonville East
How to Find the Right T-Shirt Fit, Jacksonville East, Florida

No matter how often fashions change, T-shirts remain one of the most popular choices of clothing. They can be worn for exercise, sleeping, or looking your best. But finding a shirt that fits perfectly isn’t always easy. Below are some tips to help men find shirts that fit just right. 

3 Tips to Find a T-Shirt That Fits Well

1. Don’t Expect All Brands’ Sizing to Be the Same

Different clothing companies size their shirts slightly differently, so even if a medium from a certain brand fit you perfectly, that might not be the case when you shop elsewhere. That’s why you should always try a shirt on before you buy it. Also, depending on the material, one shirt might cling or hang differently than another even if they’re the same size.

2. Look at the Length

t-shirtsOnce you’re wearing a T-shirt, look at the shoulder seams as a guide to whether the size is right or not. The seam should finish where your shoulder ends and the top of your arm begins. If it extends down the arm, the shirt is too big. Sleeve length varies, but generally, you want them to end around the center of the biceps without being too baggy. They should hug the arm lightly. The entire length of the shirt should extend a few inches past the belt around your hips so it doesn’t reveal your abdomen when you lift your arms.

3. Check the Fit

Whether you choose a crew neck or V-neck, the collar shouldn’t be too tight or loose. A collar is too tight if it feels uncomfortable around the neck, and it’s too loose if it reveals a lot of your chest. The point of a V-neck shouldn’t go past the top of your armpits. How tight your shirt is comes down to personal preference, but as a general rule, you should be able to pull out one to two inches of material out from your stomach. 


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