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What Is Wood Tile Flooring? September 9, 2019

New York, Bronx
What Is Wood Tile Flooring?, New York, New York

When you’re considering options for commercial flooring, wood tile should be high on your list. This is an alternative to hardwood floors that combines the beautiful aesthetics of wood with the strength and durability of tile. If you’re unfamiliar with this option, here’s more information about it and why you should choose it for your business. 

What Is Wood Tile?

Wood tile is also known as wood-look tile or faux wood tile. It is a type of porcelain or ceramic tile patterned to look like natural wood, often with a slightly raised grain texture. It even comes in long, narrow pieces like planks that can be laid to imitate wood flooring. It’s difficult to tell the difference between wood and this tile from a distance, which means you can have the appearance of hardwood without its cost or maintenance.

Why Is It Popular for Businesses?

flooringOne of the biggest benefits of tile is its durability. Wood tile, just like any porcelain or ceramic option, resists scratching, staining, dents, scuffs, and wear. Unlike hardwood, it won’t warp due to temperatures or moisture.

Since it’s waterproof, it’s also easier to clean than real wood. To keep it pristine, simply mop it once a month. It doesn’t require refinishing, and the ceramic material may last up to 100 years. This option is often more affordable than solid hardwood. Finally, wood tile is an eco-friendly choice, since no trees are used for fabrication. These features mean that not only will your company spend less money on materials and maintenance, but also work toward building a “green” image. 


For quality flooring options including wood tile, choose O'Connor's Carpet Center. Based in the Bronx, NY, they serve all of New York City as well as lower Connecticut and New Jersey. Since starting in 1972, they’ve expanded to take on a range of high-profile clients, including the Etsy Project, Freedom Towers, Madison Square Garden, and Gucci. Review a list of their services online or call (718) 409-2020 to place an order for your business. 

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