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4 Benefits of Motorized Blinds September 12, 2019

Omaha, Douglas
4 Benefits of Motorized Blinds, Omaha, Nebraska

As smart technology continues to integrate with homes, it’s little surprise it’s now used with motorized window blinds. They bring a wealth of benefits to homeowners, not least of all that the investment can yield significant savings in other areas of their home. Here are some of the reasons to consider adding motorized blinds.

4 Reasons to Add Motorized Blinds to Your Shopping List

1. Energy Savings

Tech enthusiasts will enjoy the relationship between their blinds and their thermostats. You can set them so when the thermostat reaches a specific temperature, the shades will raise or lower to allow in more or less sunlight, blocked more or less heat from UV rays. This means your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard.

2. Safety 

Keeping kids away from blind cords can be an issue. Motorized blinds remove that hazard. Many smart blinds can also be connected to other smart devices in the home so that they raise should a fire be detected, allowing firefighters to see inside your home.

3. Convenienceblinds

No more trying to work out which cord moves the blinds; the system is operated by a switch or can be integrated with your smart phone and other smart devices. You can even pre-program them—perfect for people absent at certain times of day who want to keep their home warm or cool. Another useful feature is that the blinds lower or raise at the same time, rather than having to move each one individually.  

4. Security

If you go away on vacation, you can fool any would-be burglar by automating your blinds. They can be programmed to lower and raise at certain times of day, giving the impression that you’re at home. Even if you’re not away, lowering your blinds when you leave can hide your possessions from prying eyes.

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