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3 Tips for Creating an Inviting White Kitchen September 6, 2019

Hopewell, Mercer County
3 Tips for Creating an Inviting White Kitchen, Hopewell, New Jersey

Though white kitchen designs are nothing new, they’re more popular now than ever before. Perhaps it’s their inviting aesthetic or the fact that they’re versatile enough to fit right in with any kind of décor. They’re also bright, cozy, and stress-free, since they don’t require any complicated color coordinating. If you want to incorporate this timeless look into your home, here are three of the best white kitchen design tips to get you started. 

3 White Kitchen Design Tips

1. Consider Lighting

Light reflects off white surfaces to make the space appear bigger. This is one of the reasons lighting is such an important aspect of white kitchen design. This neutral color scheme conveniently lends itself to all sorts of possibilities when it comes to choosing style and colors. No matter what you choose, whether it’s large glowing pendant lights or natural light from open windows, ample lighting makes white kitchens sparkle.

2. Take Advantage of the Versatility 

Kitchen DesignWhile certain color schemes dictate the style that your kitchen will take on, white kitchen design serves as a fresh canvas for your imagination. Your white kitchen can take on a modern look just by the inclusion of polished nickel finishes, sleek hardware, and glass. Try a classic Country French look by adding in a marble top island and a blue and white backsplash for a subtle hint of color. Complete this look by adding rustic features such as stone walls and distressed wood for an old-world European charm.  

3. Enjoy the Ease of Choosing Appliances

One of the hardest parts about other color schemes is coordinating the appliances. Colorful kitchen lovers often wind up settling for stainless steel so as not to clash with the other colors, but when it comes to white kitchen design this isn’t an issue. White appliances have always been easy to find, and now with the current white kitchen craze, it’s getting even easier. Manufacturers have taken note of the increasing popularity of white and are currently creating appliances with bright white finishes to rival stainless steel.



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