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The Pet Hale is a locally owned & operate pet shop in Hawaii. They offer pet adoption as well as pet supplies & accessories.

A Guide to the Benefits of Grains in Dog Food September 3, 2019

Mililani - Waipio - Melemanu, Ewa
A Guide to the Benefits of Grains in Dog Food, Ewa, Hawaii

When it comes to caring for your dog, providing them with a balanced diet will ensure they grow up happy and healthy. To help you, The Pet Hale in Mililani, HI, is introducing their new line of Taste of the Wild® dog food, packed with nutritious ancient grains.

Misconceptions About Grains in Dog Food

For many years, people avoided giving their puppies or dogs foods containing grains because they thought it was unhealthy. This idea stemmed from the fact that modern dogs descended from wolves, which subsist primarily on fresh meat. However, recent research has proven that the inclusion of ancient grains, which haven’t been modified for thousands of years, in a dog’s diet is actually beneficial.

How Grains in Dog Food Are Actually Healthy

Dog FoodIncorporating ancient grains into your dog’s diet provides numerous nutritional benefits for your four-legged friend. They offer high amounts of protein, dietary fiber, omega fatty acids, and antioxidants, all of which contribute to your dog’s health. Also, contrary to some opinions, most dogs aren’t allergic to grains, and eating them won’t cause an allergy to develop.

If you’re looking to incorporate ancient grains into your pup’s diet to give them these benefits, pick up the new Taste of the Wild® dog food from Oahu’s premier pet store, The Pet Hale. The locally owned pet shop has plenty of healthy options in their 3,400 square foot facility as well as a wide selection of pet supplies and accessories. Pamper your pet with fun toys and comfortable beds, or find a new friend among their animals available for adoption. Learn more about their latest products by calling (808) 696-1083 today, or browse their expansive inventory online. You can also check out photos of their current puppies for sale on their Facebook page.

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