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3 Tips for Helping Your Toddler Transition to a Big Kid Bed August 29, 2019

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3 Tips for Helping Your Toddler Transition to a Big Kid Bed, Archdale, North Carolina

As a parent, you’re tasked with helping your child move from their crib to a toddler or twin-size bed. No matter what size it is, chances are they’ll be excited about the move to a “big kid” level. However, it can also be a difficult adjustment for a little one. Fortunately, in addition to finding the right custom mattress for their new bed, you can help make the transition easier with these pointers.

How to Help Your Child Graduate to a Big Kid Bed

1. Keep Safety in Mind

It’s important for both you and your child to feel safe about their new sleeping arrangements. You can do this by choosing a toddler bed that’s low to the ground and has rails on the side. That way, you won’t have to worry as much about them falling out or missing the security of their crib rails. Some kids are able to skip this part of the transition with relative ease, but there’s nothing wrong with the need for a more gradual process.

2. Make It a Team Effort

Custom mattress in High Point, NCYour child will likely be more excited about their new bed if they have a say in choosing it. Go shopping together to show them the different design and style options and see which they seem to take a liking to. Another option is to have one specially designed for them, then choosing a custom mattress to fit it.

3. Make It as Comfortable as Possible

Children aren’t too different than adults in that they’re going to look forward to going to bed if they know it’s a place of comfort and relaxation. Invest in a memory foam custom mattress for their new big kid bed and stock it with a comfy, supportive pillow and a bigger blanket they’ll love to cuddle with. This presents another opportunity to welcome their opinions and involvement in the decision-making process.


If you’re ready to transition your toddler to a big kid bed, give Custom Made Mattress of North Carolina a visit. This Triad Area mattress supplier offers an extensive collection of high-quality custom mattresses to help maximize comfort and style for your child’s bed. They’ve been proudly serving the area for over a decade and go above and beyond to make sure they deliver a locally made product you’re beyond satisfied with. Give them a call today at (336) 431-3422 to get started or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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