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5 Tips for Vacuuming Your Carpet August 28, 2019

Lahaina, Maui
5 Tips for Vacuuming Your Carpet, Lahaina, Hawaii

If you have carpets in your home, they need regular care to ensure they look attractive. Cleaning them also keeps allergens and stains at bay. Here are a few helpful tips for vacuuming your carpet.

How to Vacuum Your Carpet

1. Stay on Schedule

Stick to a cleaning schedule to reduce the accumulation of dirt and dust, which has the added benefit of improving your air quality. Once a week is usually enough, though you may want to address areas with high traffic, pets, and kids multiple times a week. If big spills happen, tackle them immediately.

2. Dust First

Dust blinds, shelves, baseboards, and other areas before you vacuum. Doing so kicks up dust mites and other allergens that will settle on the floor. Vacuuming after you dust will remove most of these particles in one cleaning session.

3. Clean the Canister

carpetIf you have a bagless vacuum, empty and wipe down the canister before using it. For bagged models, change the bag when it’s about three-quarters full. Not keeping up with this step can lead to clogs and a reduction in suction, making your vacuum less effective.

4. Get Under Furniture

Every so often, move larger furniture out of the way so you can purge the flooring underneath of dust, crumbs, and debris. If moving furniture periodically is difficult, employ attachments like the crevice tool or extender.

5. Take Your Time

Push the vacuum back and forth slowly over the carpet so it has time to grab anything hiding in the fibers. Work section by section, and go over high-traffic areas more than once.


If your flooring doesn’t look attractive anymore no matter how many times you vacuum it, get a new one from Lahaina Carpets & Interiors. Serving the entire island of Maui for over 40 years, they offer everything you need for home decor, from carpets and flooring to window treatments and fabrics. To ask about their lifetime warranties, call (808) 661-4268. Visit their website for a look at their portfolio.

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