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How Often Should You Get New Tires? September 12, 2019

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How Often Should You Get New Tires?, Newark, Ohio

While there are many auto parts that require routine maintenance and the occasional replacement, few can have as immediate an impact on your vehicle’s safety and drivability as your tires. Because of this, knowing when to replace your tires is an essential part of staying safe on the road. Here’s how to figure out when the time has come to switch them out.

Tread Depth

auto partsA tire’s tread provides traction and ensures proper handling while on the road. Over time, continuous use will cause the tread to wear down. This will decrease traction and grip, which increases braking distance and makes it harder to control your vehicle during wet weather.

You can promote even tread depth by following your owner’s manual recommendations for tire rotations and alignment, and by keeping the tires inflated. It is a smart idea to periodically check the tread depth by inserting a penny into the center tread, with Lincoln’s head facing down and towards you. If you can see all of his head, it’s time to go to an auto parts store for new tires.

Age & Mileage

The lifespan of many auto parts is measured in mileage, rather than age, but both factors can play a role in determining when you should replace your tires. When you buy tires, they will generally come with an estimated lifetime mileage. As you approach this mileage, it will likely be time to replace the tires.

However, many experts recommend replacing tires after six years, regardless of tread wear. This is because the rubber can become cracked and brittle, making it more prone to a blowout. 


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