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Do’s & Don’ts of Storing Electronics August 30, 2019

Stevens Creek, Lancaster
Do’s & Don’ts of Storing Electronics, Stevens Creek, Nebraska

When your company has more electronics than it currently needs but could use them later, commercial storage is a fantastic option. However, you must be careful when you store them, or they may not work at all when you’re ready for them again. As you begin packing the electronics away, remember a few essential tasks to do, as well as several not to do.


Choose the right packaging materials.

Pack your electronics with soft and cushioned yet firm material, like plastic foam, bubble wrap, or large clothes with little texture. Avoid using plastic wrap on them, as it may hold too much moisture and cause water damage.

Keep records of everything.

Organize an inventory list of everything that you’re moving into commercial storage. Include pictures and notes of the electronics’ current configurations, what will reset after being unplugged, and how to arrange the cords correctly.

Use a climate-controlled storage unit.

Since moisture and extreme temperatures can severely and permanently damage electronics, ensure your business storage unit guarantees protection with artificial climate control. If possible, opt for dehumidifiers as well, or place silica packs in the boxes with the items.


Neglect the manuals and original boxes.

There’s a reason why companies package commercial storagethe electronics precisely when you first buy them. The original packaging includes explicitly designed boxes, foam inserts, and cardboard cut-outs made for the security of the items they hold. If you don’t have the original packaging anymore, select boxes that will snugly fit each item, regardless of its size, without straining the box. Keep the manuals with their corresponding items to help you set them up again in the future.

Leave anything inside the machines.

Remove anything that didn’t come with your electronics. These objects include external hard drives, thumb drives, CDs, DVDs, tapes, extra cords, etc. You should store all of these detachable items separately, either inside the commercial storage unit or within the walls of the company itself.

Keep the electronics near the front of the storage unit.

Your machines will be safest if they’re stored near the back, isolated, raised from the floor, and with nothing on top of them. This way, they’re close to the HVAC system and away from the eyes of potential thieves. 


Located in Lincoln, NE, East "O" Street Self Storage proudly offers high-quality commercial storage for your electronics and anything else that your company needs to keep safe. For additional peace of mind, all their units are monitored 24/7 by a security system and equipped with individual alarms in case of emergencies. They also have an additional location in Lancaster County at Kiss Self Storage. Learn more about their services and storage facilities by calling (402) 489-0134 or messaging them online.

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