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How to Tell When Chainsaw Parts Are Worn Out September 20, 2019

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How to Tell When Chainsaw Parts Are Worn Out, Monroe, Connecticut

Like most power tools, a chainsaw can last for a long time, but the parts will eventually wear out. Operating compromised equipment can be extremely dangerous. Not only will a defected machine slow down your process, but it can also cause a great deal of harm. Consult the list below to determine when your chainsaw parts are worn out or need maintenance.

3 Signs You Need New Chainsaw Parts

1. Excess Force Required 

chainsawThe chainsaw should run smoothly and cut evenly without you needing to exert too much pressure to get into the wood. If the saw needs to be forced down to cut and creates sawdust instead of small wood chips, the chain needs to be replaced or sharpened.

2. Uneven Cuts

A sharp chain cuts evenly and with precision. If the cuts are deeper on one side, then the chain is unevenly sharpened. If the chainsaw rattles or bounces back when you go to cut, this is a sign to replace or sharpen the chain. If the chain is new, the chainsaw bar may be the culprit. Check that the groove that holds the chain is still viable. Use a straight edge, such as a ruler or pencil, and push against the bar and an outside tooth of the chain. If there is a gap between the tooth and the bar, the bar is still usable. No gap means the bar is worn and the chain has to accommodate this. Chainsaw bars can be replaced by manufacturers and dealers.

3. Billowing Smoke

Your chainsaw should operate without smoking, as a well-lubricated saw with a sharp chain won’t produce excess friction. If you do notice smoke when cutting, check the chain. Sharpen or replace it if it seems worn down or has missing teeth. If you do notice issues with your machine, switch it off immediately and take it to a professional for a repair or new parts. 


Chainsaws are a versatile power tool that requires regular maintenance and occasional replacement of parts. L & R Power Equipment Inc, in Monroe, CT, has sold the latest power tools, equipment, and parts to the communities of Trumble, East End, Monroe, Shelton, and Fairfield since 1961. The friendly and knowledgeable staff and huge inventory will allow you to find the item you need to get back to work right away. Call (203) 268-8400 to check their inventory or visit the website to view their services. 

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