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5 Reasons to Travel to Bali September 24, 2019

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5 Reasons to Travel to Bali , Pittsford, New York

The options are limitless when it comes to choosing a spot for vacation travel, and every place offers a unique perspective of what the world has to offer. The Indonesian island of Bali is a destination that holds intrigue and adventure in every aspect from its climate to its beautiful sites. Below are some of the many reasons to visit Bali.

5 Reasons to Visit Bali for Vacation

1. Year-Round Sun

The climate in Bali is warm and sunny, no matter what time of year. March is the hottest month, with an average temperature of 87 degrees Fahrenheit. It stays a bit cooler in August when temperatures average 78 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to take a trip in the middle of the winter, Bali will provide you a warm vacation spot with an average of 79 degrees Fahrenheit. 

2. Immersive Culture

The culture of Bali is unlike any other around the world, as it mixes Hindu and Javanese customs into the lifestyle. The island is known for its extravagant dance and performing arts showcases. Every day of your vacation travel is sure to include an immersive dive into the local customs and culture. 

3. World-Class Surf

Surfers have been traveling to the shores of Bali for years to experience the large rolling waves that the island is surrounded by. For both novices and experts, the surf in Bali is worth experiencing. Scenic views, warm water, and a relaxing atmosphere are just a few benefits of surfing in Bali. If you’re not a surfer, it is equally as relaxing to sit on the shore, tan, read a book, and watch the water roll onto the sand. 

4. Unique Food

vacation travelIndonesian cuisine is a mouth-watering combination of fresh vegetables, meats, and fish that are expertly seasoned by a variety of spices. The national dish, nasi goreng, is delicious fried rice with vegetables and the diner’s meat of choice. Satay, a grilled meat skewer, is another traditional food for tourists to enjoy. 

5. Mystical Temples

Scattered across the island are Puras, which are Balinese temples created for the natives of Bali to use for religious worship. These intricately built, high-roofed structures will instill a sense of wonder on your first visit to your fifth. Some of these structures are hundreds of years old and will provide your vacation travel with plenty of history to learn about. 


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