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When to Resurface or Repave Your Asphalt Parking Lot September 5, 2019

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When to Resurface or Repave Your Asphalt Parking Lot, 9, Tennessee

Asphalt is a durable, long-lasting material that‘s perfect for parking lots. More than just a dependable product, it also enhances a property’s curb appeal. Over time, however, the pavement may begin to show signs of wear and tear. In some instances, repaving may be the best way to improve its condition. Sometimes, however, parking lot resurfacing is the smarter choice. Here’s how to determine the right option for your property.

Should You Schedule Parking Lot Resurfacing or Repaving?

1. Consider Its Age

Expect the average asphalt parking lot to last for anywhere from 15 to 30 years as long as it’s properly maintained during that period. Otherwise, the surface can experience significant premature decline. Take that into account when determining whether resurfacing or repaving is the right choice along with the lot’s general usage. Does it see plenty of heavy traffic on a regular basis? Is it particularly worn due to inclement weather exposure? If it’s deteriorated significantly, it’s usually best to repave it entirely. But if it’s an aging lot that happens to be in relatively smooth condition, resurfacing the lot is an excellent way to extend its life further.

2. Schedule an Assessment

Cookeville, TN parking lot resurfacingOften, the best way to determine what’s happening beneath the surface of an asphalt parking lot is to have a professional assess its condition. It’s not always easy to spot damage with the naked eye. But if there are enough visible cracks in the surface, moisture intrusion is a natural concern that can worsen with time. However, if the pavement is still relatively fresh and only has minimal lines, your contractor may recommend parking lot resurfacing to renew its appearance and protect its integrity.

3. Focus on Repairs

Think about how often you need to schedule asphalt repairs. Public parking lots serve the community, and it’s within your company’s best interests to maintain a safe lot that doesn’t pose a threat to people or vehicles. If you’re always on the phone with your paving company trying to have a crack or pothole fixed, it’s well worth your time to repave the entire surface instead of just resurfacing it.


Don’t take the condition of your lot lightly. Trust in the team at Bennett Paving LLC to assist you in everything from parking lot resurfacing to repaving. Based in Cookeville, TN, they also perform asphalt repairs to ensure the surface remains in excellent condition throughout its life. Visit them online to learn more about these services or call (931) 858-4596 to schedule an on-site evaluation and free estimate.

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