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4 Safety Tips for Riding an ATV in the Alaskan Landscape September 13, 2019

Homer, Kenai Peninsula
4 Safety Tips for Riding an ATV in the Alaskan Landscape, Homer, Alaska

Whether you’re a natural adventure seeker or simply appreciate the beauty of Alaska’s magnificent wilderness, you’ll experience incredible beauty when you ride your ATV through the region. There’s much to see, but it’s crucial to operate your vehicle safely to prevent injury. Here’s what you can do to remain safe on Alaska’s unique terrain while you enjoy a quality ride.

How to Stay Safe While Riding an ATV in Alaska

1. Bring the Essentials

Never embark on a road trip into the wilderness without the necessities. Pack a first aid kit, a compact toolbox that includes a shovel, a small jack, and towing materials. You should also bring enough water and food to sustain you in the event that you need to stop. It’s also a good idea to pack along some extra outdoor clothing, like a sweater or a jacket, in case of a fall in temperature. 

2. Remain on Trails

Avoid the temptation to go off-trail and explore uncharted territories that are unfamiliar to you. While they may look beautiful and inviting, the prospect of competing with the unknown elements can be daunting when you face them head-on. Going off-road can blow out your tire and cause you to be stranded. Driving on common trails is also a basic safety measure. It ensures that you’re less likely to get stuck and that you can find your way back more easily if you become lost.

3. Look for Signage

ATVWarning signs are vital when you’re exploring the Alaskan wilderness in an ATV. Be mindful of your surroundings at all times, and look for posted signage about recent bear activity. If you spot tracks, turn around. Other wildlife can also pose a threat. Moose and cows are both very common throughout the state, and they are territorial animals. Keep your distance to remain safe on your journey. 

4. Avoid Driving Fast

Indulge your inner adventurer by reveling in your surroundings, but don’t drive too fast to get there. This is key as you operate your ATV on Alaska’s sometimes unpredictable terrain. You’ll encounter everything from craggy hills to unstable rocky surfaces, all of which can be tricky to manage at elevated speeds. Maintain a slow and steady pace to avoid collisions and get you there safely.


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