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Steps for Balcony & Breezeway Waterproofing September 11, 2019

Clearwater, Pinellas
Steps for Balcony & Breezeway Waterproofing, Clearwater, Florida

Many modern buildings from hospitals to restaurants feature balconies and breezeways to make moving from one area to the next comfortable no matter the weather. This requires professional balcony and breezeway waterproofing to protect these spaces from the sun and limit the effects of precipitation. Here are some key steps to take in this process for your development.

How to Perform Balcony & Breezeway Waterproofing

1. Create a Slope

Instead of laying a perfectly horizontal cement floor, create a slope to improve draining and precipitation runoff. Most contractors create an angle of less than 2%, as it’s subtle but still offers premium moisture management. Ensure the highest point of the balcony or breezeway is lower than the building interior to promote the best drainage.

2. Seal the Concrete 

balcony and breezeway waterproofingOnce the flooring has been in place for a month, it’s time to protect the material with a sealant. Most commercial or industrial buildings will benefit from penetrating sealers. These materials infiltrate the concrete to create a chemical barrier that can handle constant foot or vehicle traffic without needing frequent resealing.

If you’re creating a balcony or breezeway for a lower-traffic facility, opt for a film-forming sealer with epoxy, urethane, or acrylic. This method creates a shiny seal but will require reapplication every few years.

3. Install Flashing

Next, it’s essential to flash the doorways and ventilation systems with rust-resistant metal to seal them off from moisture issues. Install flashing around the balcony or breezeway perimeter and the corners of the structures. Many people use liquid-applied membranes because they offer the best longevity. Start at the lowest points and work your way up to create the best seal possible.


Contractors and developers who are interested in balcony and breezeway waterproofing should contact Pro-Crete Systems of Florida in Pinellas County, FL. The concrete contractor offers cost-effective, lightweight roof deck insulation, flowable fill, and other customizable services. Call the Largo-area company at (727) 526-8090 or visit the website for information on their 30-year history of exemplary concrete solutions, waterproofing, flooring, and more.

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