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How Does Heat Affect Cracked Auto Glass? September 5, 2019

How Does Heat Affect Cracked Auto Glass?, Cincinnati, Ohio

When your windshield gets a small crack or chip, it's essential to get windshield repairs right away. Over time, cracks in auto glass expand and can cause the entire windshield to shatter, potentially even while you're driving. Here's how the summer weather speeds up the process.

Auto Glass & Summer Heat

Like most materials, glass expands when it gets hot and contracts when it cools down. These changes aren't usually visible to the naked eye because the difference is a tiny fraction of an inch. But even this tiny amount of flexing and shifting will gradually make a crack longer and longer, weakening the glass more every moment. Combined with the pressure of the wind and the vibration of the car when you drive, the crack can reach a critical point and spread suddenly across the whole windshield, breaking it to pieces.

Temperature Differences

auto glassThe effect of heat on your auto glass is even worse when it cycles between hot and cold. This happens each day through the summer, as the car warms up during the day and cools again at night. Differences between interior and exterior temperature also make the glass flex in different ways.

Whenever you have the air conditioner running while it's hot outside, you're increasing the risk that your cracked auto glass will get worse and need windshield replacement from your local auto glass professionals. The best way to stop this process is to take the car in for repairs as soon as you notice even a small amount of damage.


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