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3 Reasons There's a Hook in Your Golf Swing September 5, 2019

Evendale, Evendale
3 Reasons There's a Hook in Your Golf Swing, Evendale, Ohio

When you are working hard on your golf game, few aspects are as frustrating as a hook or a slice in your shot. Hooks occur when the ball travels in a hooked arch away from your dominant hand and struggling with a hook may mean you struggle to keep your ball on the fairway. Here are three reasons there is a hook in your golf swing and what to do about the problem. 

The Reasons Certain Golf Shots Hook

1. Alignment

Hooks tend to occur when there is a slight backspin on the ball, which is more likely to happen when it doesn’t come into perpendicular contact with the club. Focus on hitting the ball with the club’s face angle being square with the swing path and pay attention to where the club is coming into contact with the ball. 

2. Grip

golfWhen you grab your golf club and get ready to drive the ball, be careful not to grip too hard. Doing so could cause your dominant hand to drag the club slightly over your other arm, causing a hook in your shot. Instead, focus on gripping the golf club firmly, but not strong enough to interrupt the directionality of your shot. 

3. Rotation

Before you start your swing, your body should face the ball. As you swing, your body should rotate along with the club to exert the most force possible on the ball, while simultaneously protecting the direction of the ball. If you struggle with this aspect of your swing, practice your technique at driving ranges before you hit the course. 


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