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How to Prep Your Car for Storage August 30, 2019

Ronan, Lake
How to Prep Your Car for Storage, Ronan, Montana

If you're heading out of town and won't be driving your car for a while or are waiting to close a sale, you may want to place it in vehicle storage. Whether you’re leaving it for a few weeks, a few months, or a few years, there are some steps you can take to keep it in pristine condition. To help you make the most of your storage, here are a few best practices for getting it ready.

How to Prepare for Vehicle Storage

Short-Term Storage

vehicle storageIf you're only planning on setting your car aside for a few weeks, you should take steps to mainly protect the finish. Wash it thoroughly first to remove debris and contaminants that could harden into the paint job. Change the engine oil and filter and top off other fluids, including the brake, transmission, coolant, and wiper fluid. At the vehicle storage facility, disconnect the battery to prevent it from discharging.

Long-Term Storage

If you plan on using vehicle storage for months or years, complete all of the above, then take additional steps to ensure the car runs well when you return. Add a fuel stabilizer, which will remove moisture from the fuel tank, preventing corrosion and cleaning the carburetor and fuel injectors. Remove the battery and store it safely indoors and out of the cold. Attach it to a trickle charger that will keep it at optimal voltage. You could also over-inflate the tires to prevent flat spots from developing. This way, your car will be ready to drive out of the facility when you return for it. 

When you need a reliable vehicle storage solution, turn to S&K Self Storage. This self-storage facility in Ronan, MT, has served clients in Central Lake County, Pablo, Ronan, and Polson since 1992. For the security of your belongings, their center is gated and offers 24/7 surveillance cameras, daily onsite supervision, an office on the premises, and individual security code access. Visit their website to see what they have available or call (406) 883-4317 to discuss your needs.

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