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4 Areas People Forget to Clean in Commercial Buildings September 5, 2019

Chelsea, Manhattan
4 Areas People Forget to Clean in Commercial Buildings, Manhattan, New York

The cleanliness of your commercial building can impact the impression that you make on customers, employees, and visitors. Even if you have a professional service or a team member who regularly cleans the space, there are certain areas that they might miss. A commercial window cleaning company will help you cover these spots.

Neglected Spots in Commercial Buildings

1. Cleaning Supplies

The supplies you use for cleaning can get fairly dirty. If you’re constantly dragging around a dusty vacuum or a mop that hasn’t been disinfected, your building probably isn’t getting as clean as it should. Take some time periodically to wipe, disinfect, and dust these supplies so your whole building can get a bit cleaner.

2. Tops of Ceiling Fans

commercial window cleaningIf your building uses ceiling fans to circulate the air, the blades can accumulate a great deal of dust over time. It’s easy to forget to clean them if they’re always moving, but it’s important to turn them off and go over them with a cloth and cleaning solution regularly.

3. Sidewalks

Your exterior spaces make a significant impression on visitors. It’s a good idea to have your sidewalks, parking lots, and other paved areas power washed regularly to remove any dirt, mud, or stains.

4. Hard-to-Reach Windows & Skylights

Most people understand the importance of window washing, but it can be easy to overlook the spots that you or your cleaning crew can’t easily reach. A commercial window cleaning service that specializes in high rises or hard-to-reach spaces can help you keep those windows in good shape and let the optimal amount of light into your building.



If you’re looking for a commercial window cleaning service in New York, NY, turn to Chelsea Window Cleaning. The full-service window washing company has been servicing both commercial and residential buildings throughout New York City since 1986. Services include high rise window cleaning, storefront cleaning, awning cleaning, and industrial cleaning. The family-owned business is known for providing prompt responses and working with clients to determine the solutions that work best for their individual needs. Visit their website to see a full selection of commercial window cleaning services. You can also call (212) 598-5939 to request a quote.

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