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What's the Difference Between Wood Flooring & Wood Tile? October 22, 2019

New York, Bronx
What's the Difference Between Wood Flooring & Wood Tile?, New York, New York

Wood flooring, whether hardwood or wood-look tile, adds a warm aesthetic touch to a workplace. If you’re setting up your office, you may wonder which option is best for you. While they look similar, these materials have many different benefits. To help you make an informed decision for your space, here’s more information about these types of floors.

Should I Choose Hardwood or Wood-Look Tile for an Office?


Hardwood floors are beautiful and classic. Properly maintained, they can last around 50 years. They go with any style of decor and architecture, and are timeless in their appeal. 

flooringThe initial installation of wood flooring may get expensive, both in materials and labor. Hardwood is also susceptible to scratches and water damage. As they become dull from sunlight exposure and scratches, the planks should be refinished every 10 years or so. Wood requires a subfloor of 3/4-inch plywood, and the flooring itself may add up to another inch to that height. If your doors don’t have enough clearance, this could interfere with their operation. 

Wood Tile

Tiles made to look like wood but constructed with porcelain or ceramic are an affordable way to add the look of wood to your space. If your company is based in a humid climate like New York City’s, you'll be happy to know this option does not degrade from moisture and temperature fluctuations. Wood tile is waterproof, easier to install, and scratch-resistant.

On the flip side, this option can get slippery when wet. You can’t install another flooring on top of it like you can with hardwood. Tile is also louder than wood since it reflects noise, so consider adding rugs in high-traffic areas for soundproofing in the office. 


For wood-look tile or hardwood flooring, turn to the experts at O’Connor’s Carpet Center in the Bronx, NY. They serve businesses in all of New York City, Lower Connecticut, and New Jersey. Their range of options includes carpeting, wood flooring, vinyl composition tile, and polished concrete. They’ve been in business since 1972 and have worked with high-profile clients. Call (718) 409-2020 to discuss a project or go to their website to see a full list of services and satisfied customers. 

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