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How to Use Feng Shui in Living Room Design September 10, 2019

Victor, Ontario
How to Use Feng Shui in Living Room Design, Victor, New York

If you’re redesigning your living room, using the basics of Feng Shui is a great place to start. This proven Chinese practice creates balance and will ensure you maximize comfort and efficency through the utilization of positive energy. Furniture is one of the best elements to start with, so keep the following in mind as you shop around and begin to map out your design.

Living Room Feng Shui Basics

1. Understand Placement

furniture-bayles-furniture-victor-NYFurniture placement is critical in Feng Shui. First, try to create an open circle with your furniture. This will provide optimal energy flow. Make sure no furniture has its back to the door and that you don’t have too many pieces cluttering the corners of the room or its central spaces. You also don’t want furniture directly facing the door because energy will flow directly at you. Instead, you need to create a space that allows it to circulate throughout the room without facing many obstructions.

2. Use Furniture With Rounded Corners

Stiff, rectangular shapes and sharp corners block energy flow and cut off the spirit of the room, so choose furniture with rounded edges. A unique, flowing sofa is a commanding centerpiece and will fit well with a rounded table or side stands. Try an oval ottoman, and if you must use furniture with sharp edges, balance them with rounded lamps and décor. It’s an excellent practice when rethinking interior design and will spark new ideas during your redesigning project.

3. Pick the Right Colors

Natural light plays an essential and revitalizing role in Feng Shui, so choose furniture with favorable colors that will enhance the room. Beige, light green or blue, and soft pastels will blend in well compared with overpowering black or dark gray furniture. You can also create color balance with a large area rug and use lamps to add ample light once the sun goes down.


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