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​4 Tips For Starting Graduate School at Touro College Graduate School of Technology September 16, 2015

NoMad, Manhattan
​4 Tips For Starting Graduate School at Touro College Graduate School of Technology, Manhattan, New York

Preparing for graduate school is an exciting time. You are on your way to becoming a highly regarded expert in your field, forging relationships that will last throughout your professional career. Choosing the right program is the first step to success, which is why, in today's ever-changing technology marketplace, Touro College Graduate School of Technology (GST) is the smart choice.

Known for their cutting-edge professional programs, Touro College GST offers paths of study in Information Systems, Web & Multimedia Design, and Instructional Technology. Students from their program graduate with the specialized technological skills needed to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

Starting a graduate program can be overwhelming; many incoming students don't know what to expect in their first semester. Touro College GST offers the following advice to students who are taking those first steps:

  • Hone Your Reading Skills: Most graduate programs require a lot of reading, so knowing how to read effectively is essential to your success. First consider how the material is organized: look for chapter and section titles, bullet points, charts and graphs. Aim to read purposefully by considering how the material fits into the context of your class lecture. Ask yourself key questions and use this information as a guide for thinking critically.

  • Graduate School Is More Than Grades: In undergraduate programs, grades are extremely important. In graduate school, the focus turns to synthesis of ideas and demonstrating your actual abilities. You are expected to apply what you learn as you become an expert in your field. Also, grad school is about balancing grades and studying with forming important relationships and getting involved in a professional community.
  • Make Connections: Before classes start, research your professors and their work. After classes begin, take time to connect with other students. Ask about their work habits or start a study group. Reach out to Touro College GST alumni to ask for advice. This is the start of a new chapter in your professional life, so take advantage of the community while you're there.
  • Maintain An Outside Life: Sometimes you won't be able to stay connected to family and friends when you're fully invested in your academics, and this can be the hardest part of being in grad school. When you can, stay connected to family and friends to keep you grounded. Also remember that self-care is important, so taking the time to rest, exercise, or do something nice for yourself on occasion will ultimately improve your focus in school.

There is so much ahead of you as a new graduate student! It's important to think about graduate school as a beginning of a lifelong career. Computer science and technology specialists are in-demand in today's professional landscape, so make the most of the opportunities in front of you at Touro College Graduate School of Technology. Visit them online or call (877) 669-7227 to learn more about their exceptional masters programs.

Touro College Graduate School of Technology
27-33 West 23rd Street, Room 331
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