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Is a PC or Mac® Better for Graphic Designers? September 10, 2019

Canton, Stark
Is a PC or Mac® Better for Graphic Designers?, Canton, Ohio

Apple® products have had a reputation for being the preferred tools of graphic designers for many years. However, some people assume PCs have many of the same capabilities, thanks to advancements over the years. If you’re just entering design school or are looking for a new computer to support your career, the following information can help you decide between a Mac® and PC. 


In the past, Apple products had an advantage over the PC when it comes to design software; however, that’s not necessarily the case anymore. Popular design software like Photoshop® is now developed with both computers in mind, which means functionality is virtually the same no matter which you choose.


apple productsGraphic design shouldn’t be overly complex. Apple products are generally considered to be a cut above since they’re designed with ease of use in mind. That means you can easily jump from application to application when working on a project, which ensures a seamless process. Cloud storage is also simplified and even allows access to stored files from multiple devices. 


When investing in a graphic design computer, you want to ensure you’re getting the most out of your money. Apple products seem to have the advantage over a PC. While Mac computers are generally more expensive, they also last longer and are less likely to experience hardware failure over time. This reliability is key if you want a lasting career in graphic design. 


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