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4 Steps for Filing an Auto Insurance Claim September 10, 2019

Stafford, Fort Bend
4 Steps for Filing an Auto Insurance Claim , Stafford, Texas

The aftermath of a car accident can be frightening and full of uncertainty. What may alleviate some of the anxiety is having an auto insurance policy in place to cover the damage. The process starts with filing a claim with your provider. If you ever need to submit one, the following steps can help streamline the process, and get you back on the road to recovery. 

What Steps Should You Follow When Filing an Auto Insurance Claim?

1. Collect Details About the Accident

If you’re able to do so, document details about the accident, including when and where it occurred. Use your mobile phone to take pictures of the damage to all of the vehicles involved. Get the contact information of the other driver involved, including their driver’s license number. Be sure to also get their insurance carrier’s details and the vehicle’s tag number.

2. File an Accident Report

auto insuranceDepending on the state you live in, you may be required to file an accident report with your Department of Motor Vehicles. If the damage exceeds a certain amount or if injuries or a fatality occurred, you will likely need to get an accident report. Check with your state’s DMV for specific requirements. 

3. Get a Police Report

Call the police so that they can provide an official report of the accident. Immediately after the mishap, you may forget to include key details in your recollection. The law enforcement officer’s report will help provide additional support when it’s time to file your auto insurance claim. If the damage was minor, and there were no injuries reported, a police officer may not come. Keep a record of your call to the law enforcement agency as proof that you attempted to make contact. 

4. Notify Your Insurance Provider

Always contact your auto insurance carrier after a vehicle accident. There’s an ongoing debate about whether to involve an insurance company if the damage is minor. If you fail to do so, you give up your claim rights if the other driver decides later to sue you for damages. If this occurs, you may be totally responsible for paying out of pocket for repairs, medical expenses, and other costs.


JMS Insurance Agency, LLC in Stafford, TX, understands how unnerving a vehicle accident can be. That’s why the team of friendly and professional agents take the time to walk their clients through the entire auto insurance claim process. Serving all of the Fort Bend, Harris, and Montgomery counties, this agency wants to help you by providing affordable and customized coverage. For a free, no-obligation insurance quote, call (281) 494-1500. Visit the website for a full list of services. 

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