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4 Tips to Prevent Coffee Stains on Teeth August 30, 2019

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4 Tips to Prevent Coffee Stains on Teeth, Lexington-Fayette Central, Kentucky

Most people can’t conceive of getting through the day without numerous cups of coffee. However, dentists warn that a daily coffee habit can diminish your smile. If you aren’t ready to kick the caffeine just yet, there are other options to keep your teeth bright white and healthy. 

Avoiding Coffee Stains On Your Pearly Whites

1. Drink Water

In the mornings, try pairing coffee with a glass of water. Water mitigates some of the effects coffee can have on your teeth by washing away plaque and bacteria. Water also hydrates the mouth, which prevents dryness and bad breath from occurring. 

2. Floss Daily

Along with brushing twice a day, you should also be flossing daily. Plaque often gets stuck between teeth, and when drinking coffee, the dark pigment meshes with the plaque to cause staining. Brushing alone is not enough to remove plaque from hard to reach places, so make sure you have floss handy. 

3. Use a Straw 

While it sounds silly, drinking coffee through a straw limits exposure to tooth enamel. You can also prevent staining by drinking coffee quickly as opposed to taking numerous sips throughout the day. 

4. Schedule a Cleaning 

dentistWhile at-home dental care is crucial, there is no substitute for teeth cleaning at the dentist. Even if your oral hygiene is excellent, consider making an appointment every six months. Not only can you have your teeth professionally cleaned, but your dentist can also clue you into any emerging dental issues. 


Susan Kleier DMD is proud to help patients in Lexington, KY, maintain bright, healthy smiles for life. If you’re concerned about staining, her office provides cleanings as well as two convenient teeth whitening options. She can brighten your teeth several shades, and her take-home whitening kits are ideal for keeping your teeth looking their best between sessions. If you have other dental imperfections, ask this dentist about veneers, which address cracking and chipping. Schedule an appointment by calling (859) 225-1188 or visit her website to additional services.  

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