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5 Cavity Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore September 6, 2019

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5 Cavity Symptoms You Shouldn't Ignore, Anchorage, Alaska

Cavities are a very common dental issue, but many people don’t realize they have one until they visit the dentist. Common symptoms of cavities may be easy to ignore, but they can have serious consequences to your oral health if you do so. If you experience any of these top signs of cavities, it may be time to see a dentist

Signs You May be Developing a Cavity 

1. Persistent Ache or Pain 

If you experience a toothache or other oral pain without any apparent cause, you should see a dentist as soon as possible. Tooth decay can take some time to get to the pulp, an area of nerves deep inside the tooth. By the time you feel pain, a cavity may be well-formed inside your tooth. Both sharp pain and dull, throbbing aches are signs of cavities. 

2. Sensitivity 

dentistSensitivity to temperature is also a sign of a cavity. When a cavity nears the pulp, temperature changes spread more easily to the nerves and cause a jolt of pain when teeth come in contact with hot or cold food and drinks. 

3. Chronic Bad Breath 

A foul taste or smell that doesn’t go away after you improve your oral hygiene habits can be an indication of decay or infection. Bacteria that cause tooth decay build up in holes and cavities and contribute to bad breath in hard-to-see places. A visit to the dentist can tell you if bad breath is caused by a growing cavity and how to manage it. 

4. Discolored or Damaged Teeth 

Teeth can become discolored over time, but if one of your teeth grows dark, brown, or yellow when your other teeth don’t, it’s a sign that a cavity may be forming. Pay particularly close attention to any spots or holes beginning to form, and tell your dentist right away if stains appear seemingly out of nowhere. 

5. Pain When Biting and Chewing 

Cavities leading to sensitive nerves in the pulp and jaw can cause sharp pain when you bite or chew. If the pulp inside your tooth is infected and inflamed, causing pain when you bite, see a dentist right away. A cavity may be deep within your tooth. 



For professional cavity and tooth decay treatment, visit the experienced dentists at Alpine Family Dentistry in Eagle River, AK. No matter what your symptoms are, they’ll be able to pinpoint the cause and build a unique oral care plan for your needs. They also offer teeth cleaning, crowns, dentures, and an array of other cosmetic dentistry services to meet any problem head-on. To learn more about their services, visit their website or call (907) 694-2409. 

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