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5 Signs a Building Needs Demolition September 5, 2019

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5 Signs a Building Needs Demolition, Bayfield, Wisconsin

While building preservation is important for historical and environmental reasons, there are times when demolition is the only solution. These buildings are often serious hazards or are beyond even the most advanced repairs. Below, familiarize yourself with clear signs noting it’s time to demolish a residential or commercial building. This will help prevent accidents, injuries, environmental damage, and legal trouble, among other problems.

How to Tell If You Should Demolish a Building

1. Unstable Foundation

Every building’s foundation eventually succumbs to years of settling and weather-related damage; however, those that were installed incorrectly weaken much faster. Severe cracks in the brick or other foundation materials, uneven flooring, land shifting and sinking, mold damage, and excessive moisture indicate foundation instability.

2. Presence of Hazardous Materials

Older homes and commercial buildings often contain hazardous materials, including lead paint and asbestos that contribute to different cancers. Other hazards include severe mold infestations that have taken over the roof or entire floors to compromise the structure’s integrity. Serious vermin infestations also call for demolition because of the structural and health issues they create.

3. Excessive Renovations & Repairs

When the number of repairs and renovations a house or commercial building needs exceeds the cost of demolition, it is time for the structure to go. There is no point in attempting renovations when you could save money by tearing down the structure and starting fresh. Excessive repairs and improvements can include the need for a new roof, new supportive beams or walls, energy-inefficient and unsafe elevators, and deteriorating foundations.

4. Site Underdevelopment

demolitionWhen a building is undersized, it can become a money pit for the owner. For example, if you own a small grocery store that can no longer accommodate traffic volume because it is too old and damaged to sustain renovations, demolish the building and start over.

5. Vacant Lot Attractiveness

Perhaps the current residential or commercial building is so ancient or in such a state of disrepair that it makes more sense to tear it down and sell it as a vacant lot. Empty lots are attractive to buyers who envision the space as something new and of interest to the community or local homeowners association. You can make more money with a vacant lot because the buyer won’t have to pay for demolition.


If you’re interested in demolishing your building, talk to the experienced team at C & W Trucking in Bayfield, WI. This fully insured sand, gravel, and dump truck company has been in business for over 40 years, offering expert excavation and demolition services. Call (715) 779­-5628 today to schedule your free estimate, and explore their services online. Get the latest demo tips on Twitter.

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